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My art practice includes a wide array of media and techniques that are often combined with each other and mainly consist of sculpture, installation, drawing, painting and relief printing.

I am a matter-oriented maker. I often work with found objects or leftover materials from construction sites and packaging, i.e. cement, cardboard, wood and polystyrene/ plastic. The shape of the individual art work is often initiated by the material at hand, its inherent properties and given structure. Additional materials further expand the field of opportunities for sculpture making. Also at this point, factors that are not directly related to the used materials are chosen for the piece’s development. Such influences can come from art history and theory, current events and personal experiences. Although these influences seem rather circumstantial, they are chosen specifically with regards to their ability to relate back to the initial idea, while considering the specific properties and structural composition of the work.



SoundCloud (radio plays)

Art Space Portsmouth


International Ceramic Research Center